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Wayne Valley Student Parking
Filling out this form will register a request for a senior student parking permit. Parking permits will be issued on a first come/first served basis as indicated by the time stamp on this form. Registration will close on August 21st. You will need to pay your $25 parking permit fee ($50.00 if your qualify for a single) online via our school website. Please go to the parents tab and then to student activity payments.

All payments must be made using community pass.

Further information will be disseminated on August 22nd, 2017.

Email address
Last Name
First Name
Street Address
Driver's Licence Number
Make, Model, Color of Car
Licence Plate Number
Owner of Car (last name, first)
Insurance Policy
Do you have a partner to share your space with? (those without will be assigned a partner) Yes
Last Name, First
Would you and your partner rather be in lot 200 or lot 500 - (200)
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