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Ohio history was made as a bipartisan, multi-faith team of legislators and citizens announced support for a bill designed to end the death penalty in Ohio!  Led by Ohio State Senators Nickie Antonio and Steve Huffman, along with Reps. Jean Schmidt and Adam Miller, these bold, Ohio leaders have joined forces to ask the Ohio General Assembly and Governor Mike DeWine to abolish Ohio's death penalty and thus end executions in our state.

As people of faith, we are committed to policies rooted in justice and grounded in the promise of redemption.  While we come from varied backgrounds and political stances, we stand together against state sanctioned murder. Instead, we are motivated by the restorative power of love and investments in transformation.

We hold deep love and respect for victims and co-victims of crime, and we most certainly are not opposed to accountability for rightfully convicted persons.  However, we believe that the death penalty serves no moral purpose.  Instead, it is a hollow instrument of death that offers no redemption, no closure, and no transformation.  The death penalty monopolizes human and financial resources that would be better spent if applied to the co-victims whose glaring list of needs often goes unmet.

Now is the time for Ohio to rid itself of its outdated and immoral death penalty.  As people who motivated by faith and sparked by profound love for the common good, we are calling on you, to endorse the bipartisan, multi-faith effort to abolish the death penalty in Ohio.

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