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Regional Ranger Lead Survey -- Building a Ranger Network
Hey folks,

Over the last year or so, the BRR, the BM Regionals Team, and some Regional Rangers (and others) had a bunch of meetings about how to build stronger regional ranger teams. We've had meetings on playa, presentations during the GLC, and a bunch of other conversations.

One of the things that's come out of this most is that it would be helpful if there was a mailing list for active regional ranger leads to communicate with their peers on, and to get help from the BRR. This is the start of making that mailing list.

To keep things focused for the first year, we're going to add only one or two leads from each region. If you have a bunch of leads or a ranger council, it would be awesome if you could decide amongst yourselves who should be on this list.

The purpose of this list is not just to chat, but also to share what folks are doing locally with other regions, and to build a repository of things that work to share with other regional ranger leads.

We're also interested in involving the leads of Ranger-like organizations at events that subscribe to the 10 principles (example: 'Malfare' at Nowhere, the European Regional Burns.) If you have a question about this, just ask.

Thanks for joining us as we build a Regional Ranger Network. If you have questions about this, mail Apologies for not using the normal email list membership mechanisms, this turns out to be easier for making sure that people are actually ranger leads.

What should we call you? (call sign) *
Are you a Black Rock Ranger?
There are lots of Regional Ranger Leads who aren't Black Rock Rangers, this is just so we can figure out if the callsign in the previous question is a BRR callsign.
What region or event are you the regional ranger lead for? *
Email Address
What email address do you usually use for Ranger-related communication
Who can vouch for you?
Hey! Did you know there's 128 or more regions? We're going to check that everyone signing up for this list is actually a regional ranger lead. In some cases, that will be pretty easy. In others, harder. For official events, you can just give the email address of the regional contact for that area. (Example, for Critical Northwest, the Seattle regional burn.) If your event isn't an official regional event, give more details please.
Thanks for signing up for this little mailing list. We're really looking forward to folks joining the list and building a stronger regional ranger network together.
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