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Restaurant Innovation Partner Network Overview
To start, it's FREE to join and be a part of the network! And, YES, we REALLY mean that. There are no hidden costs, costs later on, or fees that we secretly tack on when you're not looking (everyone hates that, and we do too).

We are creating this network in order to collaborate with restauranteurs, hear from leaders in the industry, convene to learn from one another, and talk shop on restaurant tech and new digital solutions.

This is NOT a sales-channel; so Relish Works will not sell products or services at any of our events and we expect the same in return. What we may do is recommend new and innovative solutions to challenges facing the industry, connect operators with entrepreneurs to lend insight, perspective or advice, and/or facilitate and support pilots within your restaurant (if you're interested).

We also won't share your information with any outside parties without getting two thumbs up from you.
What's Relish Works?
We're not just a topping added to your dog or burger... we're a Chicago-based foodservice innovation hub committed to creating and implementing the latest and greatest solutions for restauranteurs most pressing challenges.

Stalk us like your next Tinder date...
Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn: @RelishWorks
Benefits of joining
Invitations to participate in interviews and focus groups that Relish Works conducts in order to gather feedback and create solutions for our industry's most pressing problems.

Special invitations to free events, workshops, networking opportunities, panels, keynotes and more exploring and discussing restaurant technology and the future of food with other leaders in the industry.

Some of our innovation partners pilot new technologies with us in their restaurants. We'll work to connect you to the right folks if that's something you're interested in doing.

Chat, share ideas and collaborate with other professionals and thought leaders in the industry.

Speaking engagement opportunities (if you're interested in that sort of thing), potential shout-outs on our social channels, helping us to facilitate a workshop in order to teach others, and so much more!
The 4 must-haves
In order to join the network, you must meet the following 4 criteria:

1.) You're collaborative and respectful
2.) You are actively employed in the restaurant industry
3.) You are located in the USA or Canada
4.) You want to talk and you're enthusiastic about participating with a real appetite for forward-thinking conversations and providing feedback (the good, the bad, the ugly and the great -- we want to know).

If you have questions, please reach out to
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