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AER Doctors - On Boarding
AER is Pakistan's First Instant Video Consultation service with a AI driven Smart Health Tracker. Benefits for the entire healthcare eco-system include:

* CONSUMER: $1 consultation, cheaper medicines & lab test, Instant Relief
* PRACTITIONERS (Doctors, Dietitians etc): AER proprietary Smart Algorithm utilizes their idle capacity and enhances
their earnings
* DIGITAL PAYMENT PROVIDERS: Powerful use case to boost digital payments/mobile wallets nationwide
* HEALTHCARE SERVICE PROVIDERS (Pharmacy, Labs, Hospitals): Optimized Lab test suggestions with very low

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What is AER?
AER is a digital platform which enables Instant, Live & Affordable primary healthcare via smart devices using advanced digital communication technologies, thus offering a deep immersive experience & ensuring your well-being. It is the most affordable, convenient way to resolve routine medical conditions. Our unique, secure, technology makes healthcare accessible on your terms, whenever you need it. Our practitioners are available to meet your healthcare needs at a price that is affordable for everyone

What is AER Doctor?
AER Doctor provides a digital platform for medical practitioners to utilize their idle capacity. Gear up your free time and earn extra money for treating patient on a few minutes video call. Just book your free slot in app and treat your patients via AER platform.

How can I apply as an AER Doctor?
If you are a PMDC certified doctor with over 3 years of experience, simply download the AER Doctor app and sign up. When you provide your PMDC number, our agent will contact you. After verification and a short training, AER will approve you. After approval, you are ready to book slots and provide consultation.

What are the requirements for joining AER Doctor network?
Obviously, you should be a qualified MBBS doctor. The following are easy requirements to become an AER Doctor:
1) PMDC number
2) Documents for verification
3) Have to attend one training session

Are there any rules and regulations after becoming an AER Doctor?
For security and quality, there is a code of conduct for the AER Doctors:
1) When you book any slot, you should be available on that time. Your phone should be connected to wifi/3g/4g and your app is enabled.
2) Never reject any call from patient unless it is necessary or any emergency. Your rejections will be tracked in our system.
3) You can delete your booked slot with providing a valid reason.
4) You can delete your booked slot altleast one hour before.
5) You should provide treatment to the patient after a video call, otherwise your app will not be able to receive any further calls.
6) You will not be liable if any technical problem occurs either on patient side or in AER system.

What is the criteria of rating?
Rating of an AER doctor purely depends upon the feedback of a patient. At first, all doctors have been assigned five stars. When a doctor starts doing consultations, the rating will change according to the feedback of patients.

When and why should I set my schedule for the next month?
On the 25th of each month, AER Doctor will activate open slots for the next month. Next month schedule will be available from 25th to 31st of current month. Slot booking is on first come first serve basis and hence you should try to complete your next month booking ASAP, otherwise, your desired slot may be taken by another doctor.

What is a standby schedule?
A doctor can set Standby schedule. It does not mean that you have booked that slot. As the name indicates, we put this slot in a standby list. When any other doctor leaves a already booked slot, you will receive notification of slot opening. Depending on your availability & desire, you will be able to take that slot

As an AER Doctor, How can I reach AER if I have a question or issue?
Please use the “Contact Us” option in our app to submit your query & details. We will respond you as early as possible.
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