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1.1 Project name *
1.2 Project official website *
1.3 Link of the latest white paper *
1.4 Project description (under 300 words) *
2.1 Token name and symbol *
2.2 Smart Contract address of token *
2.3 Token decimal *
2.4 Total amount of tokens. If the total amount of tokens is not fixed, elaborate token inflation or destruction mechanism in details *
2.5 Describe token distribution plan
2.6 Type of token (please attach any legal assessment you may have) *
2.7 If mainnet is launched, will ERC-20 token be abandoned? ERC-20 token snapshot date
2.8 Once mainnet is launched, will ERC-20 token still continue circulating? If not, when are the tokens burned?
3.1 What is the plan of the private sale of tokens? How much was completed? (Was the private sale plan met?) *
3.2 Pricing of token in private sale (1 ETH or 1 BTC equivalent to how many tokens)? *
3.3 Date of public sale?
3.4 Price of token in public sale. Elaborate if public sale consisted of different stages. (1 ETH or 1 BTC equivalent to how many tokens?)
3.5 Public sale completion status *
3.6 Public token sale hard cap *
3.7 Estimated current token value (excluding non-circulating tokens) *
3.8 Are your tokens traded at other cryptocurrency exchanges? If so, which exchanges are they listed on? If not, when? *
3.9 Can your token be used as a payment method?
3.10 Is the token already functional? If not, at what stage will it be functional?
3.11 Are there are any Terms & Conditions or user agreements from the project that limit the token participants to be from certain demographics, countries or region of the world? Please provide your terms of sale
3.12 Project team leader contact information (Provide email) *
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