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La Follette Local Scholarship Application- Class of 2019
Due date - Jan 31, 2019.

Set aside one hour to complete and submit this application.

You CAN"T SAVE THIS APPLICATION half way through and come back to it, so you must complete it all at once. It would be a good idea to scroll down to Essay Questions, do some planning on those, and then come back when you are ready to type answers in.

Your name will be removed when scoring your application, so please submit thoughtful responses.

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Parent/Guardian Information
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Name of parents/guardians
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Secondary Household
Name of parents/guardians
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Secondary Address
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Do you have a parent/guardian who works in:
Is your parent a member of the Booster Club? *
Additional Information
What middle school did you attend? *
What elementary school did you attend? *
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Are you in any of the following programs?
List any physical or learning disability that you have.
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Do you work? *
Place(s) of Employment
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How many hours a week do you currently work?
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College Plan
Which college do you plan to attend?
If a Madison College (MATC) program other than Transfer Program, list the program here.
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What is your intended major? *
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What is your intended career? *
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Financial Information
Do you qualify for free/reduced lunch? *
The La Follette Scholarship Committee has several scholarships that are based on financial need.
Total Parent Yearly Income in your primary household *
Primary household is where you live 50% or more of the time
Are there any extenuating circumstances regarding your financial situation?
Anything you want the committee to be aware of?
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Have you completed the FAFSA? *
If FAFSA is complete, what is your EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)?
This is provided once FAFSA is submitted
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Which staff members have written letters of recommendation for you?
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List the top 4 (most involved in) clubs/activities you have participated in and years of involvement IN high school
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List the top 4 (most involved in) clubs/activities you have participated in and years of involvement OUTSIDE of high school.
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For which organizations have you held positions of leadership? List your roles within these organizations.
Captain, Leader, President, Officer
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List ATHLETICS and years of involvement during high school
EX: Volleyball 9-10, Soccer 11-12
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Will you be receiving a Division 1 or 2 Athletic Scholarship? *
If yes, which sport?
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List your 4 most meaningful community/volunteer activities plus amount of hours spent doing each. *
List DATES, EVENT, TOTAL HOURS. EX: 10th GRADE, volunteered at Humane Society, 25 Hours
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How many total hours of Community Service have you done in grades 9-12? *
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Essay Questions
Your name is removed when we score these applications. For the next three essay questions, you will be scored on a rubric based on your responses, so please be as detailed as possible.
If you feel you have overcome a difficult situation, please write about it.
EX: death in the family, parents' divorce, big move, legal trouble, mental health, physical injury, etc
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Please describe the accomplishments you are most proud of during high school. *
Minimum 100 word essay
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Why are you deserving of a scholarship? Minimum 150 word essay *
Please describe your particular circumstances regarding financial need and the impact the scholarship will have on your situation.
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If a presenter needed to describe you in a few sentences, what would you want them to say? *
EXAMPLE: Monica is going to attend UW-Eau Claire to study education with a focus on Exceptional Education Needs. Her hope is to one day teach at a high school and have a classroom of students as awesome as the 2018 La Follette graduating class! While attending La Follette, she was in Volleyball and was named MVP her sophomore year. Her best memory of La Follette is helping a special needs student during her study hall. She is excited to move forward in the next chapter of her life!
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Type your name which signifies your approval of the following... *
1. You agree to permit the school to release pertinent application information to the scholarship sponsor and to the press; 2. You agree to send a formal note of thanks to the scholarship sponsor; 3. You agree all information you provided is accurate; 4. All your information will be shared with a school based scholarship committee.
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Mark AGREE which signifies your approval of allowing LHS to post your photo from the evening on our social media sites. *
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