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Welcome to the Continuum Symposium. The Lady of the Lake and I invite you to share your secrets.

The secrets you hold are made from nothing. No material. No physical matter. They are only words from a language you have learnt strung together within your own mind, and yet they are strangely heavy.

It might mean little, coming out of the pixels of a computer screen but I understand the burden. I feel it too. I too have things I need to let go of. Seven things, to be precise.

And so I invite you to let go of your secrets. They will not be shared, but encrypted. Using a language of our online myth, which holds no matter in reality, you will experience the catharsis of letting go of your secrets, but without the fear of them being unearthed.

They will then be transcribed onto seven stones, my secrets besides yours, and dropped into Llyn Ogwen, the lake where, as the myths go, the Lady of the Lake resides. She will keep our secrets, but show us they are as meaningless as ink on a page.

This is for you.

Tell me about something you once lost.
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Lies are as matterless as secrets. And yet they weight us down too. Tell me a lie you once told.
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Tell me of a promise that was broken.
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You are now invited to share a secret. They have no size nor scale, no aspect to be measured. Your secret is nothing. Let go.
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