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Report a violation in R Group's companies
Employees who refuse to take or pay bribe frequently worry about possible consequences when report corrupt deeds. We encourage openness and support all those worry about it.
We are committed to control the fact that nobody suffer from mistreatment in the following cases:
 - refusal of bribery or corruption,
 - report on suspicion of bribery and corruption,
 - report on actual or potential bribe or another corrupt deeds.
If you believe that you have suffered any such treatment  you should inform the manager of the company.

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Preservation of evidence
The person in charge of the investigation is responsible for the preservation of the evidence that will be used in further inquiry. The access to R Group's offices and information systems can be denied for any employee of a company who is under investigation for suspicion of bribery or fraud. Investigation details and all documentation must be retained in accordance with the company's data protection and confidentiality policy.

Personal security
Particular attention is paid to ensuring safety of a person who reports about suspicion or case of corruption, as well as for his family members, members of the investigation team and employees closely related with the evidence collection process.
R Group does not accept punishment for a person who reports a danger or contributes to resolving the issue of bribery and fraud. Measures will be taken against the guilty party, up to and including discharge.

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