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Quinceañera Agenda
Please note that if you are submitting this form within 48 hours of your event, please call our office to let us know as well.
Also, if you don't want to pick specific songs, you can absolutely leave it up to the DJ to choose just the right one for you. Just type in "DJ's choice" and leave it to us!
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Kenny Mondo Productions
561.790.5555 Fax: 561.584.7766
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Grand Entrance
If you would like to submit YouTube links for any of the music, please indicate the song title as well as the artist with each link.
Will Quinceañera be escorted for the Grand Entrance?
Chamberlain de Honor:
Grand Entrance Music
Please list song title and artist name.
Parents of the Quinceañera
Grandparents of the Quinceañera
Will there be introductions of the Court of Honor?
Honoree 1 escorted by:
Honoree 2 escorted by:
Honoree 3 escorted by:
Honoree 4 escorted by:
Honoree 5 escorted by:
Honoree 6 escorted by:
Honoree 7 escorted by:
Honoree 8 escorted by:
Honoree 9 escorted by:
Honoree 10 escorted by:
Honoree 11 escorted by:
Honoree 12 escorted by:
Honoree 13 escorted by:
Honoree 14 escorted by:
Changing of the shoes by:
List relationship to Quinceañera
Father's Waltz Music
Please list song title and artist name.
Will the Quinceañera only dance with her father?
Quinceañera will also dance with:
Please list relationship to Quinceañera with each.
Dance begins:
Toast Makers:
Please list relationship to Quinceañera with each.
Who will announce candle recipients and read special memory for each?
Music for giving of candles:
Please list song title and artist name.
Candle 1
Candle 2
Candle 3
Candle 4
Candle 5
Candle 6
Candle 7
Candle 8
Candle 9
Candle 10
Candle 11
Candle 12
Candle 13
Candle 14
Candle 15
First Dance Song
Please list song title and artist name.
Cake Cutting Song
Please list song title and artist name.
Special instructions:
Last Song
Please list song title and artist name.
Preferred DJ/MC Attire
Did you order uplighting from us for your Quinceanera?
If so, what color would you like the uplights to be?
Uplighting Pricing
If you did not order uplighting and would like to, please contact us at 561.630.9136 or 561.790.5555 or email us at for pricing and color options.
Special Needs
Please contact us at 561.630.9136 or 561-790.5555 or email us at if you are interested in these options:

Photo Booths - call for pricing
Uplighting in various colors - $300.00 & up
Video Games Stations -- call for pricing
8 Effect Light Setup with 6 Foot Truss - $775.00
4 Mulitcolored Effect Light Show - $225.00
Karaoke $125
Motivational Dancers - $450.00
Percussionist - $525.00
6 Foot x 8 Foot Screen with LCD Projection for Digital Pictures, Photo Montage Display & PowerPoint Presentations with Tech $850.00
Props & Prize Packages for Games - call for pricing
Submission Instructions
If you need to make changes after you've submitted your agenda and can no longer access it here, please contact us by email or phone and we can get a copy to you so you can update or edit and then email back to us. Please submit this form no later than 2 weeks prior to your wedding. If you have any questions, please contact us at 561.790.5555 or email us at We're here to help until 7:00 nightly.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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