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AIAS Print Room Feedback - Fall 2018
We would love to hear your thoughts on this semester and feedback on how we can improve your experience with the AIAS Print Room!
What is your current class standing? *
What is your major? *
How was your experience upon pickup? *
Did you receive an email each time your print was ready for pickup? *
Do you feel that there is more that the Print room could do to work with faculty and other classes outside of studio (ex:construction, tools and techniques, etc.)
Did the adjusted Final Review Schedule meet your needs? Are there any ways this could have been improved for you? *
Are there any other services/options you would like the Print Room to provide?
If you could change something about the Print Room what would it be?
Did the volunteer who assisted you seem knowledgeable about the print room prices and procedures? *
Were you an AIAS volunteer for this semester (Fall 2018) in the Print Room? *
If you were not a volunteer in any of our 3 services, would you be interested in volunteering in the future?
Any other thoughts/comments/suggestions?
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