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2017-18 First Student Survey
Who is your teacher?
I was excited to start school.
I behave in classrooms.
I use the same behavior for PE, music, library, and the computer lab that I use in my classroom.
If I do something wrong, then I should get the same consequence as anybody else in my classroom.
I feel SAFE to ask questions and get help from teachers.
My teacher will help me reach my goals.
I feel there is always an adult making sure I am safe at Summit.
If I see someone break a rule, I plan to tell an adult.
Students should respect and help each other at my school.
I feel welcomed and SAFE at Summit.
Teachers greet me when I come to school at Summit.
Who is MOST responsible for improving behavior at Summit?
What is your favorite reward for good behavior and/or doing your work.
My parents help me with my school work.
I feel that being a better reader helps me.
I read at home this summer.
Who is MOST responsible for your grades?
I like to be active (play outside, ride bikes, play sports, etc.)
I get my classroom work done.
Will learning multiplication facts make math easier?
I greet teachers and others when I come to school.
I think doing well in school will help me when I become an adult.
What are the FISH! practices?
What would you like to tell your teacher about yourself?
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