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CPAESS Strategic Plan: Community Input on Stakeholders and Reference Materials
The team supporting the research to inform the drafting of the next CPAESS Strategic Plan recognizes that CPAESS is a wide-ranging program with many stakeholders that have unique insights into the wider-science ecosystem. As such, your input is invited. This particular form is focused on identifying either published materials or stakeholders. At a later date, a more comprehensive survey will be released to gather community insights overall.
What other documents (e.g. agency strategic plans) would you suggest should inform the drafting of the next CPAESS Strategic Plan? If you can provide a link to the document that would be greatly appreciated.
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What organization would you suggest as a stakeholder (e.g. agency) for the CPAESS Strategic Plan?
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In your answer to the preceding question, is there a specific individual that you had in mind? If yes, please provide their name, title, and email.
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If you would like to provide your name and contact information (only to be used for follow-up questions) please do so.
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