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Activity Handbook quiz
Please answer all questions below as verification of watching the Activity Handbook presentation.
What is the name of the parent who watched this video? (format: Last name, First name) *
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What is the name of the student who watched this video? (format: Last name, First name) *
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What is the expected graduation year of the student? *
Please check all activities you are considering participating in.
How much of the school day must the student be present for in order to participate or practice that day? *
How much is the fee for playing a sport? *
HS athletes can participate in 2 sports during the same season in the Trailways Conference. *
An athlete may return to practice or play the same day of suffering a concussion? *
The WIAA rules and Parkview Activity Handbook rules are enforced how many months of the year? *
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Activity Handbook violations are separated into how many different classes? *
Following medical clearance after a concussion, in order to return to play, the athlete must follow a step-wise protocol. *
Grades are checked for academic eligibility at what times? *
A parent/guardian is NOT allowed to sign out another student after an event unless they receive advance approval from the administration. *
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