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Liberation Pledge
For too long, people in power have conspired to rig the game, forcing Black, Brown, and other marginalized communities to work twice as hard to barely get half as far. It is time for North Texas communities to work aggressively and collectively to redirect significant funds from policing and incarceration to create new housing and job opportunities, especially for people who have been incarcerated.

Our future can and must be different. Our communities deserve and demand thoughtful, visionary, policies, and practices that make us powerful in every aspect of our lives. I will commit to bringing these values to bear in our city halls and county courts, our elections, and during the 2021 Texas Legislative Session by signing onto this platform:
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I will continually examine myself for internalized racism, including self-loathing, implicit bias, and behaviors that keep me and my people from living into our full potential.
How can Faith in Texas support you in the hard work of dismantling white supremacy in your own life?
I will participate in community action as I am able, such as writing or calling decision makers, contributing to mutual aid efforts, participating in demonstrations or direct actions, donating to organizations leading the struggle for liberation, or lending my unique gifts and expertise to the struggle.
I commit to taking public action in the following ways: *
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I will use my vote and influence to ensure that we elect officials who know and center liberation, not white supremacy. I will vote in every election as I am able or, if I am unable, I will encourage those around me to vote based on liberation values.
I pledge to vote in the upcoming elections on November 3, 2020 and May 1, 2021 *
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Do you have a personal story and/or experience related to policing, incarceration, housing, unemployment, or other issues pertaining to the Road to Liberation Campaign?
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