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TEDxIIT 2018 Volunteer Sign-Up Form

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TEDxIIT is the longest running independently organized TED event in Chicago, organized by IIT students since 2010. The 7th annual live event will be held on April 8, 2017 on Chicago main campus and live streaming through the TED platform worldwide. Details at

TEDxIIT has been sold out consistently with 100+ on the wait list.

This year, we welcome diverse audience from IIT Alumni, Faculty and Staffs, along with the influential movers and shakers of the greater IIT Community.

As an IIT student, how could you attend TEDxIIT?

By being a volunteer: either as part of the planning team, speaker buddies or as a volunteer on the day of the event.

By being a volunteer, you will have access to the audience on the event day to network with professionals and Alumni; make meaningful connections for your future employment, and meet other TED Heads, just to name a few benefits.

By being a volunteer, you’ll be able to watch TEDxIIT Live and help making an exclamation history.

Not only will you gain valuable professional and leadership skills trainings on organizing a major worldwide event along the way, you will also bond with the diverse team mates, and build relationships with IIT faculty members, staffs and alumni. You can only get this one of the kind campus experience at TEDxIIT and it looks great on your resume.

You are expected to attend the orientation session, TBA. Depends on the categories you check, you are also expected to attend a few additional sessions prior to April 7 & 8. Past volunteers had lots of fun, laughed and learned. Many said this was one of the highlights at IIT. Some even come back year after year.

Let's put our energy together and make this event a bigger success than ever.

Please fill this form and stay on the lookout for a follow up email from us.

NOTE: A Speaker Buddy is an individual who must attend ALL speaker rehearsals and volunteer orientations. This person will assist the speaker at the main event and prior to the event, an email introduction will be sent out. Typically, this is a highly competitive role as the speaker buddy will get to know the speaker well throughout the course of several meetings. As a result, you could potentially develop a long lasting relationship with the speaker. Pick someone your admire, or someone in the field that interest you.

Welcome on board.

TEDxIIT 2017 Planning Team

PS. Direct link to here is
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You don't have to be available for the entire 6 hours. If you do, you will learn valuable professional skills that you won't get from any classes.
Event day: Will you be available on Saturday April 8th between 7 AM to 7 PM? *
You don't have to be available for the entire day. If you do, you will experience one of the kind event.
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