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Mechcables USB Cable Order Form
After your form is submitted I will send you an invoice. Depending on my current order volume, turnaround will take between 1-14 days but is typically 2-3 days if items are in stock

For any questions, send me a message on reddit (/u/90N1NE)

Length (Starts at $16)
Write "COIL" if you are getting a coil and I will calculate the length (coils require additional cable). If you are not getting a coil write what length you want the cable to be, e.g 1ft, 5.5ft, 5' 6", etc. Any length above 5ft will cost an additional $1/ft for regular cables and $1.50/ft for Jumbo cables
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Double Sleeving
Braided plastic sleeving. Increases durability and coil memory/elasticity. Colors:
Connector #1
Connector #2
Coil (+$7) Sizes:
Coil Details README
The following is required if you are getting a coil.
Please use the following template:

[connector]---------length---------////////coil length/////////-------length-------[connector]

example: [mini-b]-------2"--------////////8"/////////-------4ft-------[USB A]

The example above would have the coil start 2 inches from the mini-B connector and be 8 inches long. After the coil ends there would be a 4ft straight portion to the cable making the effective length 4ft10in.

NOTE: The maximum coil length is 16 inches

Coil Details
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Rubber/plastic material that covers and keeps the connectors held together.
Multiple cables will receive discounted shipping.
Paypal Email (Used for Invoicing)
Make sure your shipping address is accurate in your Paypal account settings
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Reddit Username or Email (Used for communication)
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Additional Instructions
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