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2017 WMCC Board of Directors Application
The Western Montana Community Center (Western Montana LGBT Community Center/WMCC) Board of Directors has three specific legal obligations as dictated by state law. These are:
1. That the organization operates for its stated purpose in the Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation.
2. That the organization is solvent & properly manages its assets.
3. Complies with all laws, particularly those relating to tax status.

WMCC Board of Directors also should be:
• Committed to securing the constitutional rights to privacy, equality protection & dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals.
• Committed to diversity & multiculturalism within the organization & community.
Other Responsibilities:
• Be a paid member in good standing with the Center
• Be willing to be publicly identified as a Center Board Member to the extent they are legally required to be & are
personally comfortable with.
• Make policy decisions affecting WMCC directions, activities & operations
• Volunteer their energies & time towards the Center’s growth & development.
• Participate in Center programs & activities
• Attend all regularly scheduled board meetings.
• Participate in fundraisers that are best suited to the individual.
• Act as a liaison to the community.
• Be committed to the consensus decision making process.
• Serve on various committees that interest the individual.

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