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Call for Volunteers
We need volunteers to help us increase our outreach to parishioners and community members at risk and in need due to the coronavirus
Email *
Phone number
I would like to help in the following way
Meal Train -- providing cooked meals or shopping for food and/or other necessities
Donation -- I would like to make a donation to support those in need
Technical Support -- I can provide technical support for remote meetings/teach parishioners use of technology
I Know Someone in Need -- I know someone in need and would like to speak with a staff person about it
Contact me -- Please contact me as needs are identified so I can help
Speak to Staff -- I have other idea/s and would like to speak with a staff person about my idea/s
Please add me to the Bellarmine Chapel prayer chain so I can also pray for those in need. (The email you provided will be the one added.) *
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