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ITS4CLIMATE – research study & information
Part 01: Who are you ?
1. Title and coordinate of the person responsible for completing the survey(Name/first name/mail/telephone…)
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2. Which category of stakeholders would you be part of ?
3. What is the name of your association or organization?
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4. In which country does your association or organization has its headquarters?
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5. Do you have a website?
6. If Yes, what is your website?
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7. Do you know the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)?
8. What do you think of impact of ITS on climate change mitigation and GHG emissions ?
strong impact
no impact
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9. Have you already set up ITS strategies related to the theme of reducing GHG emissions?
10. If yes how is the integration of CO2 practices been operating?
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11. regarding methodologies and policies put in place including ITS solutions dedicated to reducing GHG and CO2 emissions in the transport sector, are you aware of any expertise and research centers in your country working on these issues ?
12. If Yes, would you be able to share their contact details please?
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13. Are you aware of the evaluation methodologies being used in ITS projects for monitoring GHG and CO2 emissions ?
14. If yes, can you share more information about them ?
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Part 2: If you want to give more details about one of your ITS projects and participate in the ITS4CLIMATE challenge, please complete this PART 2 of the survey. Otherwise, please proceed directly to PART 3.
you can send us additional information to the following email adress please:
1. Do you have any ITS projects that have a positive environmental impact and that in your opinion are effective?
2. If yes, please give the project name:
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3. Is this project in operation or testing?
4. would you mind telling us the date of implementation / provisional timetable?
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5. Would you mind telling us more about the nature of this project?
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6. would you mind telling us Who are the project partners?
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7. would you tell us WhO are the funding agencies of the project?
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8. What do you consider are the impacts of this project on reductions of GHG and CO2 emission?
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9. What are the main difficulties encountered during the implementation of this project?
Your answer
10. To which ITS category does your project belong to?
11. Do you have any elements to evaluate these applications?
12. If yes which ones ?
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13. If you have not conducted an ITS strategy, would you mind specifying the reasons?
14.Do you know any other ITS projects outside your organisation, having a positive impact on the environment and that in your opinion are effective ?
15.If yes, would you mind sharing with us the contact details of their promoters?Name and contact details.....
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16.Are you aware of the evaluation methodologies being used in ITS projects for monitoring GHG and CO2 emissions?
17. If yes, can you share more information about them ?
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PART 3: Our upcoming events
1. Do you plan to participate in The Days of Smart Mobility in Strasbourg, October 2016
2.Do you plan to participate in the ITS World Congress Melbourne October 2016
3.Do you plan to participate in the COP 22
The World Climate Conference will take place in Marrakech from 7 to 18 November 2016
4.Do you plan to participate in the Annual Congress ATEC ITS France in January 2017?
This not to miss event of mobility stakeholders, organized on 24 and 25 January 2017 in Paris at Montrouge
5.Do you plan to participate in the European ITS Congress Strasbourg in June 2017?
6. would you like to receive specific information on any of these events stated above?
7.If yes, would you mind specifying which ones?
Your answer
if you want more information about our upcoming events you can consult the following link:
8.Do you know the process of MOBILITY 3.0 ATEC ITS France?
9. Would you be interested in participating in a challenge ITS4CLIMATE?
This challenge will be to distinguish between towns, transport infrastructure operators, engineering firms whose actions bring concrete gains on the environment and greenhouse gas emissions.
Thank you for your time and your answers
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