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ALWU Membership Form
By submitting this form, subject to meeting the criteria for membership, you become a member of the Aotearoa Legal Workers Union.


You have the right to join a Union. It's your decision, not your employer's.

Your employer will not know that you have joined. You do not have to tell your employer that you are a member and we will not tell them without asking you first and getting your consent.

It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you in any way due to your membership of ALWU or your involvement in any of ALWU's activities.

Please note that ALWU will contact you by email in the first instance. If you use your work email address, your employer may be able to see that you have been communicating with ALWU.


We collect your personal information in order to verify that you are eligible to become a member of ALWU and to keep records of our membership base. We are obliged to comply with the Privacy Act 1993 and will not release any details which might result in you being identified as a member of ALWU. Our privacy statement can be found at
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Ordinary memberships are available to any person currently working in Aotearoa New Zealand as an employee or contractor in any legal role including lawyer, law clerk, legal support staff, or other policy or advocacy role which interfaces with the law. You are not eligible for an ordinary membership if you are practising on your own account and/or have employees. Associate memberships are available for those who are not eligible for ordinary memberships, but who wish to support and be associated with the Union. Student memberships are available for students in at least their second year of study. For more information see our rules:
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Do you have any questions or concerns? Ask here and a representative will be in touch. Please look at our FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.
I consent to the Aotearoa Legal Workers' Union (ALWU) using and storing my information for the purpose of conducting Union activities and the purposes of the ALWU as set out in the Rules. I understand that my information will not be used in such a way that identifies me, but may be used in conjunction with other information to compile demographic and statistical information, which may be published *
I have read and agree with the ALWU Privacy statement, found here: *
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