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MCSC Request for Membership
Complete this form to tell us that you're interested in joining the Morris County Swim Club. We'll help guide you through our swimmer evaluation process and how to join. All swimmers (except Level 1 beginner lessons) require an evaluation to determine where each swimmer best fits within the MCSC. After completing this form, you'll receive additional details, including the need to print out and complete the MCSC registration form to bring to an upcoming evaluation.
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Nickname (Preferred Name)
Enter name swimmer prefers to be called if different than first name.
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Previous USAS or Y swim club
If swimmer was on a previous USA Swimming or YMCA, a transfer form needs to be completed in addition to the registration form. No transfer needed for summer league swimmers.
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Swimmer Birthdate
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Swimmer Experience and questions
Enter age and a brief description of swimmers experience or training.
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What months do you plan to practice?
Check all months swimmer plans to practice with the MCSC.
How often do you plan to practice each week?
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