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Washroom Site Analysis for Safe and Sanitary Disposal of Menstrual Care Products
This assessment tool is designed to help you attain and maintain a safe and sanitary method for the disposal of menstrual hygiene products in your facility's restroom(s). We encourge you take a look at all designated women's restrooms plus family and unisex washrooms; and in the case of multiple buildings, to complete this tool for each facility. Ann Germanow, Product Specialist, will review this information and make suggestions for resources to help protect the health and safety of restroom patrons and custodial staff while preserving plumbing infastructure and the environment.
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1. Are the toilet areas equipped with a separate trash receptacle for the disposal of menstrual hygiene products? If No, skip to # 9 *
2. If Yes, what type of stall trash receptacle?
3. What condition are the inside and outside of the stall waste receptacles? (Please open lid to evaluate and check all that apply)
4. Are stall trash waste recepacles lined with a bag?
5. Rate how well the bag covers the inside surface of the stall trash receptacle to contain all the waste
6. Rate how well the bag helps to reduce unpleasant odors coming from the stall trash receptacle.
7. Have needles or sharps ever been improperly discarded into stall trash receptacles? *
8. How concerned are you about the risk of custodial staff being exposed to blood and body fluids when emptying receptacles?
9. Are there plumbing problems caused by patrons flushing tampons, pads, wipes or other personal care products ? *
10. Please check all that apply. In the last six months plumbing problems resulted in...... *
11. Are there signs instructing users to not flush tampons and pads? *
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