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Fabulous Body Career Opportunities
Hello & Namaste!

Thank you for your interest in working with us. 

Current Open Position: 0

We'll update this form when we have an opening. However, please feel free to fill up this form. This way, your data is stored with us, and we'll connect with you in case you fit the bill:)

We Value the following things:

You are a Good Human- Being a Kind, Compassionate & Honest Soul is Highly Valued in our company:)

You Prioritize Self-Development- You Sleep Well (7-9 hours/day..not just on weekends), and you sweat out either doing Asthanga Yoga or Pulling a 300lbs Trap-Bar Deadlift! Your diet is nutritious. 

Hey, we don't want you to be a fitness freak, but taking care of yourself is essential so that you can do your best work and grow and evolve with us!

Passionate About the Health & Fitness Industry- Willingness to help others live a fit & healthy life is essential. Passion & living a life of purpose is highly satisfying and gives the ultimate fulfilment. You are attracted to Fabulous Body because you believe in our Vision | Mission | Values. 

You got Skills- You could be a writer, a video editor, a coach, social media expert, a sales & marketing wizard or a compassionate support lead. You have a few years of experience in your field and are good at what you do!

You prefer working from the comfort of your Home- Fabulous Body is a remote company, and we prefer to keep it this way. Akash (Founder ) has been a Work from Home Warrior for over a decade and swears by it! The Freedom & Flexibility that comes with working from home is unmatched! 

You are Self-motivated. There is this inner force that propels you into action. We don't micro-manage. You decide your work style. The idea is to get the work done, you decide what works best for you, and we are also there to guide you!

If these 'Values' resonates with you, please fill out the form, and we'll be in touch once there is an opportunity that we think you are best suited for!

Stay Fabulous, 

Team Fabulous Body

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