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DIGITRANS.ME E- Learning Environment Questionnaire
This form is used to evaluate the online e-learning environment.
User experience *
Using the platform is satisfying.
The information on this platform is well presented and understandable.
I would recommend this software to my colleagues.
Using the platform is frustrating.
The platform didn’t always respond as expected.
The platform reacts to slow to input.
The platform has crashed at some point.
The error messages of the platform are not helpful.
No unnecessary steps must be taken, to perform a wanted task.
It takes long to learn the functionalities of the platform.
Sometimes I am not sure what to do next on the platform.
There is enough information on the screen when it is needed.
The structure of the platform is inconsistent.
I would not mind using this platform every day.
The structure of the menus is intuitive.
The design of the platform is appealing.
It is easy to navigate through between the different parts.
It is easy to see the possible options, available for each stage.
I felt very confident using the system.
I think that I would need the support of a technical person to be able to use this system.
Whenever I experienced an error using the system, I could recover easily
It was easy to find the information I need
This system has all the functions and capabilities I expect it to have
What score would you give out of 10, where 10 is the best? *
How would you rate your handling of software in general? *
In general, how easy to use do you find Why?
Your answer
What do you find most frustrating about using Why?
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Why did you come to and did it meet your expectations? Why/Why not?
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