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Membership Application Form Study Association Helix
By filling in this form you indicate that you would like to become a member of Study Association Helix.
What is a SA Helix?
As a Study Association we strive to improve the quality of education and increase relations between the university and its students. We also organise many fun activities for students of Biomedical Sciences that are beneficial in many ways. In this we differ from a Student Association as no events are compulsory and there is no hazing involved of any kind.

Study Association Helix is all about inclusion, bonding, education and being diverse.

*The course book subscription is a service that the SA Helix provides for you. At the start of each block, you will receive a course book from the University. These contain the cases, practicals and more useful information that is needed in that course. This is usually a PDF of about 40 pages. For only 16 euro extra, the study association will print out and bind these books for you for the entire first year.

**The Buddy System is a service that we provide. We all know how it is to be a first year student: you just arrived and don’t know anyone yet, the university is overwhelming you with tons of new information and more importantly you don’t know where the cheap coffee machines and places to eat are! Also as an international student, you don’t know the language either. You will be paired up with a second or third year to help you out and to have a friend by your side.

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S€PA Authorization
By filling in your bank details you give Study Association Helix permission to send an invoice to your bank for the costs of your membership (or membership including course book membership). This amount will be withdrawn in the name of Student Association Helix. If you do not agree with this invoice there is an option for a refund. If you would like to utilize this option please contact your bank within 8 weeks of the invoice and ask about the terms and conditions.
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Standing rules
By submitting this form and becoming a member of Study Association Helix you indicate that you agree with all terms and articles of the Standing Rules of SA Helix. (The Standing Rules can be provided upon request by sending an email to or by asking for them at the Helix room).

The Standing Rules of SA Helix function to define what we are as a Student Association. It gives a legal definition to all the aspects and organs of the Association and outlines some simple rules regarding the power and functioning of the Board, Committees, Task Forces and Councils that make Study Associaton what it is.

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