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Syntara System School Of Energy Awareness 2 year Training- Application
Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the two year professional training!

This is an in depth application. We're really interested in getting to know you in a deep and well rounded way. Both, to assess if this program is a good fit for you, as well as to be able to meet you well once you are accepted.

We are not looking for perfection in terms of grammar and spelling, or life experience. We are more interested in hearing you share authentically and truthfully from the heart.

We hope that you gain something from reflecting in these ways.

And we very much look forward to getting to know you better!

(All responses are confidential)

Email address *
Name *
How did you find out about this program? *
What are your strongest learning styles? Check all the apply. *
What is your greatest asset, and your greatest challenge, as a student? *
How have/do you approach your own healing process? What are some of the tools, techniques & modalities you are familiar with? *
What is your experience with spirituality and self inquiry? What most informs your world view? *
What would you like to experience during this training? What is your personal intention for the two year program? *
What is your health history? Have you, or are you, suffering from any mental or physical health issues? If so please tell us about it. *
When you get stressed out, what are some of your coping strategies? Both positive and negative. *
Do you have any type of an addiction issue? If so for how long? And how are you managing it? *
Briefly describe a situation in which you were deeply challenged. Let us know how you got through it and how that experience has informed your life today. *
Take a moment to do a deep check in with your Heart and Spirit. This program is life changing. It will be challenging and inspiring as you go through your own healing process. Are you ready to commit to this journey? *
This course will require practice time between our quarterly sessions, as well as additional support in the form of receiving session work. Do you have the time and resources to account for this? (Most session work is included in the tuition fee). *
What are your greatest considerations about applying for and entering into this program? *
Is there anything else that you feel like sharing or that you would like us to know? *
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