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Hannah House Application
For any questions, feel free to call Erika at (406) 256-3002 ext 301

At Hannah House, we recognize that all women are valuable because they are created in God’s image. Because of this, Hannah House exists to give women in recovery from drugs and alcohol a chance at a new way of life centered around the person of Jesus Christ. While we primarily exist to support women who desire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, applicants do not need to profess faith in Christ to be considered for acceptance into Hannah House. The Hannah House is committed to equal opportunity for all qualified persons, without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, gender, marital status, physical handicap, medical condition, or age, to the extent required by law. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

-18 years old or older
-30 days clean and sober
-actively pursuing recovery
-not be classified as a sexual or violent offender

Residents are required to pay rent in the amount of $425/month, $50/month of which functions as a security deposit. This includes rent, utilities, and internet. The security deposit is refundable upon move-out, providing the room and its original contents are intact and in good condition.

By signing this, you understand and acknowledge that Hannah House is a ministry of Community Leadership and Development, Inc.

You understand that you will reside at Hannah House as a lodger and not a tenant with rights of possession or exclusive use of space. Residents of Hannah House are not considered tenants and as such are not protected under tenant’s rights laws. A resident can be ejected from the property on a moment’s notice without the due process of eviction procedures.

You agree to abide by the house expectations and structure and understand major violations may be cause for vacating the premises immediately. The expectations are to be followed by all residents of Hannah House.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application as we process it.

For any questions, contact Erika at: (406) 256-3002 ext 301.
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