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Microgrid Project Self-Assessment (<2 min)
This tool will give you a quick idea of the potential savings that could be triggered by a microgrid system. Please answer these following questions and you will receive an e-mail shortly.
Should you required any further information, please contact our team by e-mail at
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3) Your Company/Organisation *
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4) Company/Organisation involvement in electrification *
5) Targeted region for microgrid deployment ? *
So far, only South-East Asian covered by our assessment. The other Asian countries should be available shortly.
6) Which currency are you using ? *
7) What is your current annual electricity consumption ? *
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8) What are your current annual energy expenses ? *
(currency/year) If possible factor in all operation, maintenance and replacement costs.
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9) Which one of the following profiles is closest to your daily load ? *
10) How many (if any) square meters of solar panels would you plan to install ? *
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11) How many (if any) wind turbines would you plan to install ? *
Nota bene : 100 kW reference wind turbine model used for this study
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