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Wedding Survey
Hello! We're using this survey to plan for the wedding. With about 30 guests at a fairly remote lodge, there are a lot of logistics to work out. We appreciate you taking the time to help us figure out these details. The survey is quite detailed, but you have the option to skip many of the sections if you don't want to get into nit-picky details.
Please let us know who is responding. If you are responding for two guests, please include both names. *
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What is the best way to contact you? Please include a phone number or email address: *
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Do you need transportation to the wedding venue?
Lending a Hand
The two of us are throwing this wedding on our own and are reaching out to our friends and family (that's you!) to help us with some of the logistics. If you're able to help out in one way or another, that would be amazing. And if you're not, we completely understand. Our goal is to have our friends and family with us to enjoy some time together.
Would you be willing and able to help with preparing one or more meals or cleaning up afterwards during the weekend?
Would you be willing to take some pictures during the weekend? We don't want to actually bring a photographer onsite, or make it someone's job to photograph instead of enjoying themselves, but we would appreciate it if a few guests could snap some photos and share them with us afterwards.
If you are driving to the wedding, would you be willing and able to give other guests a ride?
Okay, now back to the fun stuff!
Which of these activities do you think you'd enjoy during the weekend? Check all that apply.
Please describe any dietary restrictions or food allergies:
Do you care what's on the menu?
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