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Jets Crew Expression of Interest
Complete this Expression of Interest and we will get in touch with you in the coming weeks to make a time to get involved with the Jets Crew Member Program.
Section 1 - Contact info - Eligibility
Section 2 - More About You
Section 3 - Last Steps and Submit
Section 1 - Your Info
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Eg. She/her, them/they, he/him
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You must be between 14-25 years old to Join Jets Crew (however the average age of Crew members is 15-19 years young ).
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What school do you go to?
Or if not at school, are you studying or working?
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Emergency Contact Details
Please supply contact details of a parent, guardian or caregiver.
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ELIGIBILITY TO BECOME A JETS CREW MEMBER. In order to make sure Jets is for you MUST: *
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