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Open House FREE Trial Classes
Classes will take place at 8 Count Dance on August 4th at our Open House!

10:30-11:00 Ages 3-5

11:15-11:45 Ages 6-10

No dance attire required
Please wear comfortable clothing and have hair pulled away from the face

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Please read, then sign and date below. RELEASE and WAIVER or LIABILITY and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT for 8 Count Performing Arts Academy LLC. Physical activities carry a risk of injury to participants. I hereby release 8 Count Performing Arts Academy LLC, it’s staff, contractors, volunteers and the event facility from any liability for personal injuries or loss of, or damage to personal property. I give permission to 8 Count Performing Arts Academy LLC to provide and/or seek medical attention for my child should medical treatment be required and I will assume all costs of my child/children’s medical bill(s). In addition, I grant 8 Count Performing Arts Academy LLC permission to utilize event photos, videos, and statements without compensation for advertising purposes. Each participant may refuse to participate in any activity. If there are any doubts as to a dancer’s physical ability, please consult your physician before participating. I also understand that there are NO REFUNDS at anytime for any reason. I have read this waiver agreement, understand its contents, and accept and assume such risks. *
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