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Alum Chum Questions!
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Please email me a current head shot or current picture of yourself as well as picture of you working/in a show at Chantilly if you have one!
Last Name, First Name
What year did you graduate from Chantilly?
What is your current occupation or major in college?
If you are currently enrolled in a performing arts school, what advice would you pass down to current HS Theatre Students?
What is your favorite memory/show/experience with the Chantilly H.S. Drama Department?
If you currently work in the performing arts, can you tell us some interesting things about it? Your daily schedule? What you are or have worked on? Struggles and success stories? Anything you think is important, funny, interesting, etc;
If you currently work in another industry, but have found your experience in theatre to have served an important role in where you today and what you do, please explain below.
What was your favorite show that you worked on at Chantilly H.S. and why?
Feel free to add anything else here you think is important that I have missed!
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