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What information do families want about their children's schools?
Kate Ezell and Vesia Hawkins, through TNEdPartners, partner with parents so they have the information they need to make good decisions about their children's education.

We want to learn about you, how you get information about your children's schools, and how you use that info. Ultimately, our question is: do you want a tool that helps you "Google" for school information, what info do want to search for, & how will you use it?

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How long will this take?
3-5 minutes. This survey has 2 more sections, 16 questions total. Most are multiple choice or check boxes. None require a long, typed-out response. No question is required in order to finish the survey, so feel free to skip anything you do not want to answer or questions that don't make sense to you. There is a section for comments, questions, and concerns at the end of the survey, if you choose, so let us know what you think!
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