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Questionnaire on Maths
Questionnaire on Maths
1.What is the proportion of the lessons for new knowledge, exercises and control in the Maths curriculum of your educational system?
2. In which grade teaching of simple fractions is introduced?
3. In which grade teaching of decimal fractions is introduced?
4. In which grade the terms ' fractions of a number' and 'per cent' are introduced?
5. In which grade your students are introduced to reading diagrams, table presentation of data?
6. In which grade your students are taught CO-ORDINATES?
7. In which grade your students are taught geometrical forms and shapes/bodies/?
8. Do you reckon, that the Maths curriculum, that you are applying, is adequate to the age of your students so that they acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to manage with real-life situations?
9. Do you recommend any changes?
10. What do you recommend?
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11.According to you, is the research team work is enough included and encouraged in the Maths classes?
12.What teaching methods in Maths do you find the most effective and motivating in your teaching practice with regards to the students?
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13.How can parents give their children the appropriate support in acquiring knowledge in Maths?
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14. What age are your 5 th grade students?
15. What is your nationality?
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