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A4BLUE project - Adaptive Automation in Assembly For BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context
The Horizon2020 A4BLUE project officially started on the 1st of October 2016. Running for 36 months, the project aims at the development and evaluation of a new generation of sustainable, adaptive workplaces dealing with evolving requirements of manufacturing processes, and the introduction of automation mechanisms that are suitable for flexible and efficient task execution in interaction with human workers by optimizing human variability through personalized and context aware assistance capabilities as well as advanced human-machine interfaces.

Furthermore, A4BLUE will provide methods and tools to determine the optimal degree of automation of the new assembly processes by combining and balancing social and economic criteria to maximize long term worker satisfaction and overall process performance.

The consortium led by IK4-TEKNIKER (Spain) involves prestigious universities - RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and Cranfield University (UK) - and companies - AIRBUS Operation SAS (France), CESA Compañía Española de Sistemas Arenonauticos (Spain), Engineering-Ingenieria Informática SPA (Italy), Illogic srl (Italy), CIAOTECH Srl (Italy) and Ingeniería de Automatización y Robótica KOMAT SL (Spain).

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Goals of this survey
The purpose of this survey is to identify the most important stakeholders within and around the A4BLUE value chain and assess their position towards the platform in order to set up engagement strategies. All stakeholders will be invited to participate in an online survey, which will be designed to measure stakeholder characteristics, like their interest, attitude, influence and knowledge relevant for the project. Received answers will above be evaluated in terms of an industry benchmark regarding future expectations of adaptive workplaces and crucial future technologies.

The procedure for this survey will require you to answer few questions about:
- Your profile
- Your point of view on Adaptive Automation, workplaces and workforces

This survey is conducted in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework: the data you provide will be collected and maintained with full confidentiality, since they will be coded and anonymized from the point of submission and will no longer be individually identifiable; after this point it will be analyzed and reported collectively.

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