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Antioch Spring 2019 Application
Any student who has previously attended Antioch is able to apply for team. Please contact Jake McEvoy by email ( or cell (515)-408-1377 with any concerns or questions.

We plan to do some online formation over Christmas break (about 1 hour a week). When school starts back up, we will have our normal Sunday meetings with a short formation video/discussion before our planning session. This commitment will require about 2 hours each week. Our normal Sunday meetings that will last about 1 hour. Email me with any questions or concerns involving these changes. Thank you so much for your desire to serve on Antioch Team!

P.S. Do not let this additional formation deter you from applying. This is a new step in our retreat planning. We welcome feedback and questions as we try to implement some of these changes. PLEASE let me know if you have questions or concerns about any of the information above.

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