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iRef Big Balls Up Application
By completing this application you understand and agree to the following:

1. I will comply with BBU Code of Ethics.
2. Membership in BBU does not guarantee game assignments.
3. I grant BBU organization to run a background check at any time necessary.
4. BBU is not responsible for injuring on the job, from any assignments.
5. If I do not complete this application in its entirety, I will not be eligible for hire.
6. In accepting gamAuroe assignments from BBU, I am acting as an independent contractor.
7. All game assignments received through BBU are subject to cancellation or reassignment.
8. I will pay any applicable fee for canceling a game once I have accepted the game assignment.
9. I will file all required game reports as required by BBU and pay any applicable game fees, fines or assessments.
10. Except as listed on the attached sheet or as previously disclosed and ruled on by the Disciplinary Appeals Committee, I certify that, except for minor traffic offenses punishable by fine only, I have not (1) been convicted of a state or federal misdemeanor or felony offense, (2) been arrested on a pending state or federal misdemeanor or felony charge, or (3) received deferred adjudication or other deferred sentencing for a state or federal misdemeanor or felony offense.
11.I am responsible for informing BBU of any changes to my contact information as well as any change to my officiating availability and restrictions.
12. I certify that this information is true and correct and I understand that BBU may verify all or any portion of this application.
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