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Flipped Learning Research Project
About me and the research project....
Hi, my name is Kurt Challinor. I am a secondary History and Religious Education teacher and I have been flipping my classes for four years. I have also led a whole-school flipped classroom implementation at a large secondary school in the west of Sydney.

In 2015, I started a PhD focused on flipped learning and I am reaching out to other flipped teachers to help me as my research enters a new phase.

My first academic paper focused on the design of a universal survey to effectively measure what students think of this approach. Through surveying our students, I was able to demonstrate that my survey is a reliable instrument.

What I need now is to administer the survey to a larger number of students, from a range of contexts, which will allow me to demonstrate that my survey valid, in that it measures what I is designed to measure.

If you are flipping your classroom in Australia, I would love your help!

What is involved?
- for your students to complete my survey; it only takes about 10 minutes.
- for you to share student results from an assessment completed around the time the survey was administered.

No specific information regarding students or schools will be published in the paper.

What do I get out of it?
- detailed data about how your students perceive their flipped classroom experience.
- the knowledge that you are furthering Australian research initiatives.
- a nice thank you reference in the paper when it is published in a journal!

If you think you can help, or would just like to know more, I'd love you to fill out the form below.

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Thanks so much for completing the survey! If you have indicated you are willing to be involved, I will be in contact soon to introduce myself and provide more information!


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