In the Margins Committee Application

What is it?
This is a committee formed under the umbrella of the Library Services for Youth in Custody group (

To seek out and highlight fiction and non-fiction titles  (PreK through adult level) of high-interest appeal to boys or girls, ages 9-21 who may fit into one or all of the following categories:
- multicultural (primarily African American and Latino)
- from a street culture
- in restrictive custody
- reluctant readers
What do we do?
In the Margins strives to find the best books for teens living in poverty, on the streets, in custody - or a cycle of all three!

Committee membership and requirements:
1.  Up to eleven (11) member committee (including Chair and Administrative Assistant)
2.  Two to three year commitment, Timeline begins Jan 2016
3.  Research, request and nominate titles, with an emphasis on ones that are self-published, independently published or  
     published by small presses
4.  Read for special content for detention facilities
5.  Read all nominated titles
6.  Work with or do outreach to youth in custody and/or from street culture and get feedback from at least 3-10 teens on
     each title
7.  Actively participate in email and wiki discussions
8.  Meet all posted deadlines
9.  Meet approximately 6 times a year via video conferencing
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Please provide the name of the facility you serve, if different from your employment (Enter N/A, if this does not apply): *
Do you currently serve incarcerated youth? *Defined as youth, age 8-21, who have been detained or otherwise reside in a correctional, detention, or halfway house facility. *
What size population do you reach with your services? *please provide the average monthly population for the facility you serve?
Why are you interested in serving on this committee? *
Please list any books that you would like to review that would be of interest to this population, or which are otherwise unusual or not well known. *
 Do you have prior committee experience? Locally? Nationally? *
What organizations / affiliations are you a member of and actively involved? *
Our committee will ask you to be a worker bee.  The majority of us work in JD facilities throughout North America.  Two or three of us are in doctoral programs.  Some are experiencing stress with job scheduling due to a shortage of staff.  But we are committed to the goal of this committee and diligently contribute so that out kids get the books they enjoy and will read.  We meet every few months until closer to the deadline but and then there will be a few additional meetings.  Can you make the necessary commitment? *
Thank you so much for taking the time out to submit this application to our committee.  We will contact you as soon as your application has been processed.  Please rate your satisfaction with this application on a scale from 1-5: one (1) being "very poor" and five (5) being "very good." *
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