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Social Media Strategist


ELLA Global Community is a registered charity and social enterprise in Mallorca which works to create greater visibility of all queer women and nonbinary people of all backgrounds in order to enable them to identify and promote their specific needs. ELLA works to provide a platform through which queer women and nonbinary people can feel inspired to strengthen their community and raise awareness about their identity and challenges faced as a result of discrimination and inequality.

ELLA recognizes these definitions:

Queer =  an identity label that is non-specific towards a person's sexual orientation; this could be lesbian, bisexual, asexual, sapiosexual, polysexual and so on.
Backgrounds = race, generation, class, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, faith and so on.

ELLA values:

Authenticity – We believe that everyone should be free to be true to themselves and have the right to assert their own sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.
Solidarity – We believe that amongst women and nonbinary people, we have to stand in solidarity with one another; listen to, cooperate and inspire each other, regardless of our sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, class, faith, ability and so on.
Courage – No change has ever been achieved without the actions of a courageous few. As a minority often discriminated against for not being heterosexual, it takes tremendous courage to assert your sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and take a stand on behalf of the LGBTQI+ community.
Inclusivity – Social attitudes and beliefs can only be changed by involving and educating all communities. Inclusivity, equality and acceptance of queer women, trans women, femmes, nonbinary people and individuals embracing femininity cannot be achieved by only preaching to the choir.  
Intersectionality – We believe that queer women and nonbinary people of all races, generations, classes, abilities, gender identities and expressions, faiths, and other backgrounds should be welcomed, valued and respected. We know that in order to create an inclusive and safe space, we must also acknowledge, understand and embrace the intersections between these demographics.


We are looking for queer women and nonbinary candidates who live in either France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, USA or Switzerland and who  
- Speak english proficiently and the local language in the country where they live fluently
- Are proficient with major social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but also with Meetup, Youtube and Twitter
- Can develop and execute strategies to grow our audience in key regions
- Will engage directly with our audience through community management
- Can establish a trustworthy, informative and consistent voice on each platform

The ideal candidate must
- Have extensive knowledge of the queer women and nonbinary people in their local community.
- Be communicative, attentive, organized, honest, creative and reliable.
- Be very involved in their community as activists, volunteers, academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.
- Be keen to regularly research local movements, events, partners, organizations, resources and so on.
- Be incredibly passionate about community building and dedicated to networking, collaboration and human rights.
- Be knowledgable of and interested in providing content for all queer women and nonbinary people of all backgrounds.

This is a remote job that will require frequent communication with the team on Slack.

Negotiable dependent upon experience

Minimum 1 year

- Every month, each candidate will schedule at least 30 posts (with a mix of photos of videos) and 90 stories for Instagram, which are all to be posted on Facebook simultaneously. This means 1 post per day and 3 stories per day minimum, 7 days a week. Of those 3 stories per day, each will be posted individually during morning, midday and night.
- Every month, every account must follow a minimum of new accounts (to be determined together) and reach an optimal followers growth (to be determined together).
- Every month, each account cannot have more than 20% (24) re-posts or less than 80% (96) of original content.
- Every month, each candidate or another member of the candidate’s country team will organize an ELLA Talks and Meetup event, either online or offline. This is to be discussed during the interview. The candidate must create and publish content to promote those events.
- Every quarter, a fundraising event will be organized. The candidate must create and publish content to promote call-to-actions and other fundraising events.  
- Each candidate must communicate frequently with their country team and the ELLA HQ team.
- Country-specific content is specifically created for, by and of queer women and nonbinary people of all backgrounds, showcasing local: culture, arts, music, literature, media, gastronomy, influencers, activists, companies, ngo's, lbtq+ rights, entrepreneurs and so on.

- Knowledge of Slack, Google Suite, Sked Social, Linktree, Photopea/photoshop, Meetup, Facebook (Page and Groups), Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Eventbrite is highly preferable
- Demonstrable social media accounts previously or currently managing
- 2-3+ years minimum of professional social media experience
- Knowledge of social media insights; how to analyze them and increase account performance based on them
- Ability to produce high quality content and well-designed proposals
- Excellent ability to manage and communicate information quickly and accurately
- Highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
- Excellent attention to detail
- Strong commitment to organization’s mission and values, with an understanding of diverse populations and a desire to always learn more
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and fluent written and verbal communication skills in the local language in one of the countries listed above where they live


If this sounds like the job for you, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out this Application Form and submit your CV to ELLA Global Community at (if applying for NL position), or (if applying for other locations) with “Social Media Strategist” and your name in the subject line.

Who can apply?
This organization encourages queer women and nonbinary people who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color and/or with disabilities to join. ELLA provides equal opportunities to all applicants and expressly prohibits any form of harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age or disability.
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Send your CV to (if applying for NL position), or (for other locations) with “Social Media Strategist” and your name in the subject line. *
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