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Franklin Youth Race 1 Registration
Date: August 26, 2019
Times: Boys Race - 5:45; Girls Race - 6:10
Location: Franklin High School - North East Practice Fields
Contact us: Coach Victor Vilar ( or Coach Richard Dodd (
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I agree to release the Franklin School District, its representatives, and its agents from all liability for any claims of negligence resulting from my participation in the Franklin Youth Cross Country Run, held at the Franklin High School grounds. I understand and assume all risks and dangers associated with and involved in the physical activities of running, including, but not limited to illness, injury or death resulting from strenuous physical exertion,injuries from falls, and the risks associated with running on trails that have uneven surfaces and other dangers not present on a track. I recognize and understand that this release does not waive liability for intentional or reckless acts, as such claims cannot be waived. I also recognize and understand that this event would not be offered to meet no cost if this release of liability were not stated as broadly as it is stated. Because I do not wish to pay to participate in this event, I waive the right to bargain over the terms of this waiver of liability. I hereby attest and verify that my child is physically fit and have sufficiently trained for the completion of this event. *
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