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Youth Climate Action Project Application
Hi there!!

Are you interested in doing something to stop global warming and the destruction of our beautiful planet? Are you between 16 and 22 years old? Then this project could be something for you! It consists of two youth get-togethers/trainings: an action summer camp in Germany (August 9-16, 2019) and a lobbying conference in Brussels (October 28-30, 2019). Applicants are expected to participate in both events.

The form below will help us select 10 youth from each participating country (SORRY, ONLY Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK and Sweden). The project is organised by the following organisations, but does not exclude youth from other movements:
Denmark, FridaysForFuture
Germany, FridaysForFuture
Switzerland, FridaysForFuture
Belgium, Youth For Climate/Students For Climate
United Kingdom, Extinction Rebellion Youth
Sweden, FridaysForFuture

Below we provide you with some more information on how the two events will look:

Germany (youth hostel in Daun and camping in Morschenich), August 9-16, 2019
The summer camp will prepare you to efficiently organize people’s assemblies, and become an advocate in your countries, at local and national levels. During the four days of training, trainers will re-organize you in subgroups according to your personal interest: some will learn about communication with press, others about how to organize an action, others on how to communicate on social media etc. Certain action sessions will be given to the whole group, like how to organize in affinity groups, buddy process, consensus decision making etc. Overall, you will receive information and practical hands on experience in the following topics:
A. Pedagogical knowledge on Climate Breakdown.
B. Climate Justice
C. Non-Violent Direct Sustainable Action.
D. Citizen’s, People’s and National Assembly process.
E. Media skills, public speaking skills, traditional and social media methods.
The last three days will include the execution of an action in Hambach forest, where you will camp in the activist camp.

A training manual will be created as a collection of the knowledge gained from the summer camp. It will be finalized during the October gathering, and shared as an online toolkit which will enable youth worldwide to organize climate actions.

Brussels, October 28-30
During the Brussels lobbying conference, firstly you will practice and learn theory on speaking to government representatives. Then, you will present the youth's climate demands to members of the European Parliament/Commission, the youth steering committee and national Members of the European Parliament (MEP). By lobbying towards those three audiences, we expect that they will take the concerns/demands of the ‘climate movement youth’ into consideration for their final recommendations and work.

PLEASE NOTE THAT FILLING OUT THIS FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR PARTICIPATION! AN INDEPENDENT GROUP OF JURY MEMBERS WILL EVALUATE AND RATE THE INTERESTED PARTIES. During this process they will try to make the group as diverse as possible, taking into account age, gender, sexual orientation, language, ethnic background, physical and mental health etc. Selection will happen, so please make sure to fill out the application form by July 26th.

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Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background. We try to include people from diverse social backgrounds in this camp, so kindly also include information on your social background. e.g. your education, your community, your psychological and physical wellbeing, your family or your social identity (sexual orientation, gender, ethnic background). *
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How do you feel in a group and how would you describe your role in most groups? *
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After the project, in what way do you see yourself putting what you have learned into practice? *
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If there's something you think we should know to help so you can participate fully (like physical, dietary, emotional or other support), please let us know and we'll get in touch with you on the forehand to see how we can support your needs. *
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Are you affiliated with some kind of social/political/environmental/other organisation? If so, please specify. *
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Are you, or your organisation, able to pay for your travel to Daun, Germany, and back in August (max. 200EUR with interrail pass, the rest being free)? *
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