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Fun Bod - Research Survey
This survey is to gather research for the designing of a new sex ed curriculum & project. Survey takes approximately 20 min to complete depending on how thorough your answers are. All answers are confidential and anonymous. Researchers: Lauren Zuniga & Kavi Zuniga
This section asks questions about your sex education experience and your resources for information. Feel free to skip questions or elaborate as needed.
What age are you?
Have you taken a class or seminar in sex education at your school?
What kind of school do you/did you attend?
Have your parents/guardians had "The Talk" with you?
Where do you get most of your information about sex?
If you use the internet for information about sex, what are some of your favorite sites and why?
Your answer
If you have had a sex-ed class, please tell us a little about it. Was it helpful or not? Was it uncomfortable? What did you like/dislike about it?
Your answer
If you have had a sex-ed class, did you learn about LGBTQ+ sex and safety measures?
What are some of your fears regarding sex, love or relationships?
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What are you still curious about regarding sex, love, or relationships?
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Do you know/understand the term consent?
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