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2019-2020 Parent and Fan Decorum
Parent and Fan Decorum Policy:

At a time when society is experiencing increased incidents of physical and verbal confrontations associated with youth sports. Kimball wishes to state its philosophical stance for keeping our athletes, coaches, and fans safe. We insist on promoting an outstanding image as fans from our school.

Kimball High School supports the MSHSL and the Central Minnesota Conference rules that emphasize good sportsmanship. We embrace this fully by definition and in the spirit of its intent. Proper human courtesies, kindness, and decorum must apply to all relationships and situations that might occur with activities. Inappropriate behavior is embarrassing to the school and the community. Athletics and activities exist to build character.

Please understand and follow these guidelines…
• The coach alone is responsible for deciding who plays and how much. Participation is a privilege not an inherent right. At Kimball our philosophy is to have adequate playing time at the junior high level. Starting in 9th grade, the playing time will be based on skill level, attitude and needs of the program with more emphasis on winning at each level.

• It is inappropriate for parents to confront a coach immediately after an event. Parents must wait 24 hours after the event to discuss any issues with coaches. Most situations should be handled by the athlete themselves. If the parent wishes to meet with the coach, the athlete should also be a part of meeting.

• By allowing a child to participate in activities we are turning the control over to the coaches for that time period. If we have a different philosophy of how to play or playing time than our coach we are putting the athlete in a difficult situation on who to follow. We may not always agree but must follow the direction of our coaching staff.

• It is never acceptable to make negative comments about the officials, coaches, or athletes from either team.

• It is not appropriate to argue with opposing fans about the contest.

• It is not acceptable to coach from the stands, or make negative comments on the coach’s decision. Monday morning quarterbacks or those who discuss what the team should be doing, are great for selling newspapers and TV ratings, but can severely damage a high school sports program. Please keep comments and opinions to yourself about coaching decisions.

• It is never acceptable to be swearing at our athletic events

• Being offensive in any other fashion is not acceptable.

Parents who violate any of these standards of decorum risk sanctions established by the Central Minnesota Conference fan policy, and the Kimball athletic policy.


• Most situations can be handled by the athlete themselves. They are the ones playing. This is a great learning situation for them to advocate for themselves.

• If satisfaction is not attained parents must wait 24 hours to speak with coaches.

• The child will be involved with the meeting.

• If a parent or student is still not satisfied, the activities director can be contacted so a meeting can occur with the coach, athlete, activities director and parent to resolve the conflict.

We sincerely want to strive to make sportsmanship at Kimball an expectation…

Where we let players play

Coaches coach

Officials officiate

And let the fans be positive

We, as parents/guardians, agree to abide by and support the rules established by the coaches, the Minnesota State High School league, the Central Minnesota Conference, and the Kimball athletic policy. *
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