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Riverview Center Client Evaluation Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather information about your experiences at Riverview Center and answer some questions that help determine how services are offerred. Please share your experiences with us by answering the following questions to the best of your ability. Do not place your name anywhere on this survey.
What is your gender?
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What is your age?
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What do you consider to be your ethnicity?
What do you consider to be your race?
How long ago did the sexual assault/abuse occur that brought you to Riverview
I chose to receive services at Riverview because (check all that apply)
How many total times have you been helped by (via phone or in-person) by Riverview?
Did your counselor and/or advocate assist you in reviewing available options?
What Riverview services have you received?
How important is it to you that all of the above services are provided by one agency?
Not at all important
Very important
The information you provide to Riverview is completely confidential and protected by law. How important is it to you to have this protection of your information?
Not at all important
Very important
Since receiving Riverview services, I have noticed improvements in (check all that apply):
I have the ability to manage my feelings about the assault:
I know the sexual assault/abuse was not my fault:
Would you use a sexual assault services center again?
Overall, how satisfied have you been with the services you've received at Riverview?
Do you feel you were encouraged to take the lead in your recovery process and direct what kind of assistance was needed? Please explain.
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If I had not participated in these program services I may have been at risk of
How has services from Riverview impacted your life?
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