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Parental Consent Form
The information in this form will be used for the purpose of parental consent for any client who is under the age of 18 wishing to have the beauty treatment, specified below, at Chroma hair Studio & Spa. We request that you complete the details below and return to us prior to treatment. This form must be signed with a Chroma Hair Studio & Spa Employee. this form will be stored in the minor and parent/guardian client profiles.

A few things to note:
-The youngest massage client we will take is 12 years of age
-The youngest facial or waxing client we will take is 15 years of age
-For a massage ages 12-15 the parent/guardian must be in the room for treatment
-For any waxing that is not on the face, the parent/guardian must be in the room for treatment
-For any massage, waxing, or facial services, the parent/guardian must be on the premises of Chroma Hair Studio & Spa

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By noting below, I agree that the minor may have the specified treatments as noted above. I understand that each time the minor comes in for treatment, I will have to update this form. I have checked their waiver and confirm that all information noted in the client intake and consent form is correct. Both myself and the minor fully understand what the treatment involves and I have read and understood any pre-treatment and aftercare advice. *
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