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To The Pot
If you made it this far, we are looking forward to welcoming you on our adventure To The Pot! Please complete the below details for us to get all your information for a smooth event. We will email you an invoice for payment as soon as we have all your details.
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Do you have a non-cycling partner joining the adventure? *
If yes, name and surname of your non-cycling partner
Your non-cycling partner will have to travel in their own vehicle to all the meeting points and final destination. Furthermore the non-cycling partner will get all benefits as the riders.
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Accommodation sharing
I will share with my non-riding partner
I will share with a fellow rider
Accommodation sharing selection
If you want to share with a specific participant, please enter his/her name below. Otherwise we will draw straws for your roomie - boys with boys and girls with girls.
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How would you like to share with your friend?
Double bed for sharing
Twin beds for sharing
Race Entry
Choose your challenge! We will arrange your entry for the Chas Everitt Around The Pot.
Leeuw Merino Base Layer *
Included in your participation is a Leeuw Apparel Standard Merino Base Layer. For more information to select your size visit:
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What is your weapon of choice?
Gravel Bike
Mountain Bike
Road Bike
Participation costs *
If you would like to share something with us.
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Billing Information
If you require specific details on your invoice
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