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Crossroads Newfoundland Puppy Application
Application for a Newfoundland Puppy from Crossroads Newfoundlands. This application simply provides a start to our conversation, so that we may know who we are inviting into our home to meet our family and dogs.

* Submitting an application does not guarantee that a Newfoundland puppy will be placed with your family.
* Adopting a puppy is a big decision and a lifetime commitment. Puppy owners are required to keep in contact with the breeder for the life of their Newfoundland dog.
* Puppies will not be shipped as cargo by the breeder, new puppy owner or a third party. The new puppy owner must take possession of the puppy in person.
* We do not accept deposits until a breeder/owner relationship has been mutually agreed upon.

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Do you own or rent your home? *
What will you do if you have to move and cannot find a home that allows dogs? *
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Describe the people in your current household (adults, children, ages, etc.) *
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Do you have plans to add to your family in the near future? *
Do you have pets currently? *
Have you had any other animals in the past 5 years? *
Have you ever had an animal removed from your care by local or state authorities or have you ever been investigated, arrested or convicted of a crime involving animals? *
Does anyone in your household have allergies to pets or other animals? *
Do you have experience with large breed dogs? *
Do you have a pool or pond? *
Describe how you would keep a dog contained (indoors and outdoors) *
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Describe a typical work/school day in your household and the occupations of any adults *
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Describe any concerns that adult household members have about getting a Newfoundland puppy *
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How many hours (estimate) would your Newfoundland puppy be at home alone each day? *
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What is the name, address and telephone number of your current or most recent Vet *
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What draws you to Newfoundland dogs? *
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Have you ever owned a Newfoundland dog? *
Have you ever met a Newfoundland dog? *
What are you looking for in your Newfoundland (be as specific as possible about sex, color/appearance, your goals and expectations)? *
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If a puppy were not available with this specific sex or coloring, etc., would you still be interested in a pup from this litter? *
Where will this puppy sleep at night and spend time during the day while you're away? *
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Under what circumstances would you give up your Newfoundland dog?
Have you ever taken a dog to puppy classes or obedience training? *
What sort of training techniques have you used in the past? *
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How will you obedience train your Newfoundland puppy *
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Are you planning to crate train your puppy? *
What other information do you think we should know in considering placement of a puppy with you?
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