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ParentWise Survey
Pre-launch Phase
Where did you look for answers when you were pregnant?
Where do you find answers about your parenting inquiries?
When looking for answers, which do you prefer/enjoy more?
Do you trust the online sources you find?
Which source do you trust most?
Were you able to find answers in your desired language?
What is your desired language?
Do you find information that is applicable to your context and specific to Lebanon? (i.e. doctor’s directory, nurseries, resources available to you in Lebanon)
Would you join support groups and attend parenting support sessions related to the areas you find challenging in your parenting journey?
Would you attend a support group and share your experience?
Would you be interested in attending workshops and seminars?
What did you wish you knew before you were pregnant?
Your answer
Which 4 parenting topics are you most interested in learning about?
Which 3 phases/age groups are you most interested in?
Would you benefit from a home visit service, where a professional comes to your home to listen to your inquiries, assess your parenting environment and approach, and provide you with recommendations?
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